Good afternoon everyone not sure how you're feeling but I'm great. Honestly for me 2013 had some real grinding months which as it turns out is going to make 2014 a lot easier. This year I did not, I repeat did not make any big resolutions because I know no better that than that anymore. I did however send some mind messages out into the universe with some clear pictures on how I would like a few things to be, so maybe that's that same difference. What does this have to do with Real Estate you ask, well its sort of like that Ringo Starr song " I can't tell you but I know it's mine". 

What have I always told you that makes Real Estate have value? Location and whats around you. In this case I have to share a great little Bakery "Pie Company" resturant in Petaluma which I feel add to our property values. The Petaluma Pie Company on the Putnam Plaza is a quaint little place that turns out to have home made Chicken Dumpling  on there lunch menu.  Without these great little food places, Petaluma would not be nearly as fun to live in. So if your near there try it out and tell me what you think. 

Thanks and have a great day, Robert Ramirez